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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dip it in chocolate...

After months and months of debating to color my hair brown I finally asked my hair dresser to dip my blond tresses in a chocolate color. The result is the picture to the left.

 Although the change is not that big, it's major for me a result of having bright blond hair for over three years now. While I probably will go back to my gold tresses, I think the brown will be a nice break for my hair.It feels a whole lot healthier and in better condition. As a result of my new color, I did buy a few new hair products to help nourish it back to health and will post a quick hair haul soon.

Changing my hair color was such a huge decision for me and I did it very slowly by putting low lights and letting my roots grow out. What's your hair story? Do you change your hair color fairly often?

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend.

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