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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review of MAC Venomous Villains My Dark Magic Minerlize eyeshadow

You guys know I love MAC but I'm always on the fence about their mineralized eyeshadows. However, I did pick up "My Dark Magic" mainly because it is a purple with a whole lot of black and I love purple eyeshadows. I thought to do a review as it may help some of you that are still deciding what to get from this collection.
Picture of My Dark Magic Mineralized Eyeshadow
 Look at how beautiful these colors are in direct sunshine.

I think this eyeshadow is very pretty. The purple side is gorgeous and the black side has some deep blue/purple veins making it very pretty and unique. This is perfect for a smokey look. However, as all of MAC mineralized eyshadows, this doesn't look as good in the eyes as it does when your swatch it. On the lids this basically looks like a black eyeshadow with a little bit of shimmer. You can keep the shimmer  and the color vibrant like the swatch above if you use fix plus or any other spray (I'm guessing water would work as well). It'll give it that "foiled look". However without fix plus it pretty much looks like a black eyeshadow with a little bit of shimmer.
What do you think of this eyeshadow? Are you getting it?

Monday, September 27, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Innocence, Beware! lipstic vs MAC myth (Collection is out online)

I should start by saying that I love nude lipstick of any brand and always feel the urge to add one more to my collection so of course I had to pick out the new Innocence, Beware! lipstick from the Venomous Villains collection. This lipstick is a cremesheen lipstick and it's a dream to work with. It's gorgeous on. It's more sheer than most nudes and very easy to apply. I would say this is one of those "wearable" nudes that do not require much effort. This will be perfect for fall and winter with a smokey eye.
Picture of Innocence, Beware! lipstick
And some swatchy goodness:
I thought to compare this lipstick with one of the most popular nudes which is MAC myth. The finish is different with Myth being a satin and Innocence, Beware! being a cremesheen. However the color isn't that different. Innocence, Beware! is the swatch to the left and Myth is to the right.

On the lips these look very very similar. I would say the main difference is that Myth although a satin feels very dry and it's difficult to work with. I always put a balm under Myth whereas I wouldn't have to do that with Innocence, Beware! Innocence, Beware! is also a little bit more sheer and much easier to work with. The color though is very very similar on. Unless you are a die hard nude lipstick lover, you could probably skip this.
What do you think of this lipstick? Must have or skip?

Hope you all had a lovely day.

MAC Venomous Villains De-Vil eyeshadow vs MAC coppering

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I got my hands on De-Vil eyeshadow from the new Venomous Villains collection. This eyeshadow is a veluxe pearl finish which feels buttery soft to the touch. The color is a rich copper with a strong orange undertone. This would be especially pretty on blue and brown eyes but this would work well on any eye color.
Picture of De-Vil eyeshadow.

Swatch of De-Vil eyeshadow
Below is a swatch of Coppering eyeshadow which is a MAC permanent color and De-Vil. Coppering is a rich copper with a red/orange undertone and De-Vil is a copper with an orange undertone. However, they aren't that different.  
As you can see by the swatches these are very similar. They are both the same finish (veluxe pearl). They are both very pigmented, and they are both copper. The difference is the undertone which coppering is more red and De-Vil is more orange so I think with all this collection has to offer, De-Vil can be skipped.
Are you skipping on De-Vil?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

MAC Venomous Villans haul Part 1

Friday night I went to my local MAC pro store to pick up brule in a pan form and the new MAC venomous villains collection was out early. This was not suppose to be out until Thursday. I was so excited. I have seen so many hauls recently on this collection and watched so many youtube videos that swatching the makeup was almost unnecessary but I did anyway (cause what's better than playing with makeup?). I didn't get much at the store because I have already given a list to my MAC department store (which conveniently is right by my house) and didn't want to double up or buy more than I should. On to the products...I got the beauty powder in "Oh so fair". This is a very light, cotton candy barbie pink. It's very sheer but very very pretty.

Beauty Powder in "Oh So Fair"

I got the blush in "Bite of an apple". This is the star of this collection in my opinion. It's a rich reddish coral. I love this blush. It'll be perfect for fall and winter to warm up the cheeks and give that "pop" of color.

 Pictures of "Bite of an apple" blush.

I also got the eyeshadow in "vainglorious". This is a frost finish and it's a cranberry color but with a black undertone. This will be perfect for a smokey eye.
Pictures of "Vainglorious" eyeshadow.

Are you getting anything from this collection?
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm not a snob but I'm declaring my love for one...

MAC's snob that is.

This lipstick is gorgeous. It's a blue pink with a mauve and lilac undertone described by the mac website as a ladylike mauve. I would describe this as a sexy yet sophisticated color. It warms up the face, and it gives a very flirty look. This isn't your every day pink. It is a very "in your face" pink. It's super pigmented and it's very noticeable. The lilac undertone and the fact that it's a very cool blue pink make this a very bold color. It doesn't look as bold in the tube as it actually comes out on the lips. I love this lipstick but beware this isn't for everyone. This is the type of lipstick that most people either love or hate. It is a little tricky to wear for some. I do recommend using a balm before applying this to sheer it out a bit and apply a very thin layer. If you're a pink lover like me, and are not afraid of bold color, I would highly recommend trying Snob.
Do you have a bold pink lipstick in your collection?

Monday, September 20, 2010

In and Out Number 3

Hello beautiful followers,
Here are some of my recent in and outs:

1. Dark or pale nails. I am going thru a phase right now where my favorite polishes are the likes of blackish dark colors like OPI "My private jet" or soft off white colors like OPI "Bubble bath". It has been very black or white on my nails recently. I'm sure I'll get back into purples/mauves and all of my favorite colors soon, as I tend to get bored easily. The picture below is bubble bath (the old formula. OPI has reformulated this and it's more pink and less white. I do not like the second formula and would not recommend buying it. I was given it as a gift and I couldn't believe how different they applied) 

The new bubble bath and OPI my private jet.

2. Making progress. I'm currently training to run a full marathon this April. I ran the 1/2 last April and really felt that I could have gone a step further and ran the full. The full marathon is 26 miles but my training schedule goes to 20 miles. I ran 19 miles this past Saturday and felt great. The weather is cooling off; making my runs enjoyable and helping my speed. Here is to making progress!!!! It makes me smile.
3. MAC's blush in Desert Rose. This was send to me by Laura one of the lovely people here that I follow which was extremely generous of her. Please check out her blog and follow if you haven't already. The link is Her blog is amazing and it has a little bit of everything. Those are my favorite blogs to read and I love reading hers.
I love this blush and have been wearing it a lot recently. It's a gorgeous reddish color with a burgundy undertone.  It's a matte finish which is my favorite finish of all MAC blushes. This gives me that flush, healthy cheek that you get when you're out playing in the snow. When I put this on it makes me think of the holidays. This will be perfect for fall and winter. It's almost like a stain in the sense that even this swatch wouldn't come off without wipes. Very pigmented. I love this so much!

4. Fall decorations. Ok this isn't exactly a picture of my fall decorations but as I was walking around at Publix this afternoon I spotted this little pumpkin and thought he would be perfect on top my makeup drawer. How cute is this?
5. The New York Time Bestseller book "Skinny Dip" by Carl Hiassen. And no...this is not what you're thinking. Get your mind out of the gutter! :) It's a mystery book and I love a good mystery that keeps me guessing till the end. I bought this in Florida while on vacation to read while laying out at the beach and the storyline actually happens in Florida which was perfect to read while there. I loved this book. It's very witty, funny and a good mystery. Carl has a series of mystery books and I plan to read them all. I love to read. I find it relaxing to unwind and finish the day by cuddling in the couch or bed with a good book. What are some of your favourite books?

1. Not getting to play with makeup as much as I would like. I was reorganizing my makeup recently for my blog sale and found a few Chanel glossimiers all custom of working at Dillard's and made me really miss that part. I really want to get into freelancing more and hope that I have a chance to do more of it since I already have a pretty demanding full time job.

What are your in and outs?

Thank you for reading and commenting. xx

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Urban Decay is a brand I have always loved (Yes long before they brought out the Naked Palette) and one of my favourite items is their primer potions. Aside from the packaging which even though looks very cute, is very user unfriendly (a lot of product is left behind), this product is genius. Urban Decay currently has three primer potions. I am swatching all three of them by themselves and with an eyeshadow on top. For the purpose of this post, I picked one of my favourite colors, MAC Patina. Here is MAC patina by itself without a base. It's a soft shimmery golden brown.

1. The original primer potion. This is a sheer nude. There are times when I don't want my primer to interfere with the color of the eyeshadow I'm wearing and I'm only choosing a primer for the purpose of keeping my eyeshadow on longer. For those times, I always go for the original. It completely sheers out and has no color, keeps the shadow from creasing and makes it long lasting. This is a very light formula. Sometimes MAC's paint pot can feel a bit heavy, but this is very light. UD currently has this for sale in a better packaging but I believe it's limited edition. Here is a picture of the potion by itself and then with Patina on top. As you can see this just provides a canvas but does not change the color of the shadow.
2. Primer Potion in Eden. This is the most recent one to come out. This has a tawny/yellowish hue and it's  matte. It is not as light as the original in consistency. It changes the color of the shadow just a little bit in the sense that it just makes it deeper. For example if the color you're using is light, it makes it a bit lighter and bolder, but if it's darker it really brings out the darker tones. Being a bit thicker, it just really deepens the color. Below is Eden by itself and with Patina on top. The middle part where the potion is located shows how the potion makes the shadow matte. Patina has a lot of shimmer to it but Eden mattes it a bit.
3. Primer Potion in Sin. This is very different from the first two because it is a very shimmery. It's a champagne color which I think is universal and would look good on any eye color. This is undoubtedly my favourite in summer time. It makes any eyeshadow shimmery. It looks beautiful even by itself. I love a shimmery lid and this one is gorgeous. This provides the same lasting power and crease resistance as the original and as does Eden. Below is a picture of sin by itself and with Patina on top.

Have you tried any of these? Which one is your favourite?

Hope you all have had an amazing week.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My In Between Seasons Color

As the summer is coming to an end, I'm making the transition from the pinks and the corals to the darker colors. I find golds (makeup wise) to be in the perfect in between color during intransitt months when the weather is cooling off but summer isn't quite over. Golds gives the glow of the summer but they can easily be pared with browns and purples to give that fall like look. Here are some golds I have been obsessing over this month:

1. MAC Soft and Gentle MSF. This is a gorgeous gold shimmer highlighter and it's perfect to highlight the cheekbones or on top of blush. Soft and Gentle is the closest dupe for the oh so coveted MAC shimpagne MSF. I love to wear this during this in between weather as it gives the skin such a glow and it makes it stand out when wearing a lot of naturals.

2. MAC Other Wordly blush. While I wear pinks and corals all summer, this is a bit too much for me during summer time. It's so shiney it can be difficult to wear on a hot day. It's perfect now with a very natural eyemakeup and a simple lip as it gives such a beautiful glowy bronze to the cheeks. This is a limited edition item. I love this blush dearly and have not yet found a dupe for it. If you have, please let me know.

3. MAC old gold pigment. Love this pigment. I love this on green eyes, but this would look well on any color eyes. It's a gorgeous gold with a green undertone. So unique and gorgeous. I have been wearing this all over the lid with tons of mascara and out of the door.

4. Origins "You're so golden" lipgloss. I love Origins. It's my "go to" line for skincare products. I love that it uses natural ingredients and that the line offers some organic products. Overall it works well for my skin. I haven't tried too much of their makeup, but I intend to. "You're so golden" has a gorgeous golden undertone, and it gives the lips the look of healthy glowy lips. It smells like peppermint and it's not utterly sticky. If you're into a natural, "no fuss" lip but still want a sexy, glow lip, you should give this a go. As a benefit, you get beautiful lips without any of the bad ingredients.

What is your in between summer and fall color?
Hope you all had a lovely Monday.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

MAC Saint Germain versus MAC Of Royalty

Hi lovelies,
I recently got my hands on the new Fabulous Felines (Palace Pedigreed) MAC of Royalty lipstick. At first sight, I thought this is exactly like MAC Saint Germain. Here they are side by side:
They look different on the tube, but they swatch very similar. They are both a blue pink. As finish goes, Saint Germain is Amplified Creme and Of Royalty is a cremesheen. They are both very creamy and very pigmented. Saint Germain has more blue undertones than Of Royalty making Of Royalty a more wearable Saint Germain. I personally wear Saint Germain by simply tapping it on my lips or using a lip brush to sheer it out and then apply either a clear gloss or a yellow pink gloss over it. I wear Saint Germain all the time, and it's one of my favourite pinks. I like Of Royalty but Saint Germain has a little something extra that makes me like it even more.
Do you have Saint Germain or another bold pink lipstick that you love?

Hope you all had an amazing week.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Burmese Beauty

Hi lovelies,
A couple of weeks ago, I went to check out the new MAC fabulous felines collection. I didn't find any item of this collection to be a "must have". I did not walk out completely empty handed though. I got the Burmese Beauty eyeshadow palette.

The main reason I got it was for Prized eyeshadow and Burmese Beauty. I have green eyes, so gold and light greens look really well on green eyes. Prized is a soft yellow/gold with a lot of sheen to it. Burmese Beauty is a beautiful brown mixed with green. It has a lot of shimmer and it's beautiful on. The other two eyeshadows that came in this palette were Skintone 2 and Showstopper which are both repromotes. I found showstopper very difficult to swatch. My favourite eyeshadow has to be Burmese. What a gorgeous and unique color. I love these sort of dirty/rich mix of colors. A close dupe would be MAC's club but Burmese is so much prettier.

Did you get anything from this collection?
Hope you all have had an amazing week :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Non makeup related-Very important

Hi everyone,
I read this on Ariel's blog today ( and it really touched my heart. Please read this. It's very important that we are all aware and do our best to help.

Here is what I found on
Every year, over 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are killed by Japanese fisherman. After driving pods of wild dolphins from the open sea into shallow coves with motorized boats and loud bang sticks, the fishermen kill the dolphins, slashing their throats with knives or stabbing them with harpoon-like spears. Thrashing about, many of the dolphins take several minutes to die an agonizing cruel death, turning the surrounding sea blood red.
This brutal massacre, the largest dolphin kill in the world, goes on for six months of every year, from October through April.
Here is one of may youtube videos:


Please check these out, help spread the word and be the voice for those who can't speak for themselves.
Thank  you for reading.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MAC Pigments

Hi everyone,
I have been really getting into my pigments lately and as I was organizing my makeup, I pulled a few of my favourites to make a quick post. I love pigments. They are so versatile. I love a shimmery lid and have tried other loose eyeshadows like Bare Minerals glimmers but none that I have tried give that pretty shimmer and high pigment like MAC's pigments. These are some of my favourites MAC pigments (at the moment):
1.  Museum Bronze. This is a gorgeous bronze/gold color. It's MAC tempting eyeshadow in a pigment form. It's chocolate and gold mixed together. Perfect for a bronzy look. I found this at a mac pro store but haven't been able to find it at a MAC store. A dupe for this would be MAC Tempting eyeshadow.

2. MAC vanilla pigment. This is a light white/gold color. My camera is not picking up the gold in this but it has a gold sheen to it. This is a must have and if I had to recommend one pigment this would be it. This can be used for a highlighter on your cheekbones, inner corner highlight to open up the eyes, as an eyeshadow (lightly pat on the lid) to give that wide awake look. It's absolutely beautiful.

3. MAC Heritage Rouge. This is a very rich, very pigmented plum color. It looks gorgeous on green eyes. This was limited edition but I found mine at a CCO. If you can't find this plum dressing may be similar.

4. MAC Melon. As the name suggests this is a melon type of color. It's a gold/orange/coral color. It was limited edditon but it's coming out with MACs Venomous Villains collection. I love this color. It's like sunshine in a bottle.

5. MAC Mauvement pigment. This is a limited edition too but it was repromoted with the Fabulous Felines collection and it's part of the Palace Pedigreed. This is a little sheer but can be build up. It's a purple with a whole lot of gold running thru it.

5. MAC Rose pigment. I love this pigment. It's a rose color with tons of gold shimmer running thru it. It's so pretty as an eyeshadow but also on top of the blush to give a pretty glow.

These are some of my favourite pigments. Do you have any favourite pigments/loose eyeshadows?

Hope you all had a lovely day.

Monday, September 6, 2010

MAC and Sephora haul

Hello lovelies,
These are some items I have purchased in the last few weeks. Some of these I got while on vacation and some I got recently, but I thought to share them with you, because haul posts and haul videos are my favourites.
1. MAC pigment in Lithe from the Fabulous Felines collection. I love gold eyeshadows and this is a very subtle light yellow with gold shimmer laced thru it. This is perfect to wear with MAC's bronze eyeshadow in the crease to get that glowy bronzy look.
2. MAC Patina eyeshadow. It's a frost finish and it's a combination of bronzy/gold/green/warm taupe eyeshadow. The swatch below does not show all of it's undertone colors but in person it's gorgeous. If you like naturals, then you would love this eyeshadow. It goes really well on any skintone or any eye color. It looks amazing on and gives a warm color with a very subtle sparkle that comes from it's frost finish.
3. MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipglass. I love love love this lipgloss. It's the perfect blue pink. It is the boldest, pinkest lipgloss I own but extremely wearable at the same time. There have been so many posts about this gloss so I won't go on talking about it but I will defiantly be picking up a back up and the money goes to a good cause.

4. Make Up For Ever HD blush in # 14 "Star Struck" which is a very soft pale peach. I love cream blushes because they look more natural on than powder blushes. The biggest issue I have with cream blushes is that they don't stay on very long unless they are set with powder, which I do not like to do. These stay on for a long time. The formulation of these is a bit thick so you have to work with it quickly and the pump gets out too much product at once. You have to be careful with the pump to get it slowly so you don't waste too much product. The colors of these are fabulous.
5. Sephora by OPI in "Call your mother". This is my second bottle of this. It's the perfect fall color. It's a soft purple/taupe color.

Have you tried any of these products?
Hope you all had an amazing weekend. 

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